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Driving Success

Published - 16th Nov 2021
Driving Success

We’ve got a great announcement: Our driving hero - François Xavier – the one and only person that QMS encourages to speed, has achieved podium position racing to 3rd place out of 102 in the French Karting championship. What a result!

To compete at such a high level takes extreme dedication from not only the driver but the team around him. FX Team Karting has the technical knowledge and backing of his father Franck, Chief Workshop Engineer at Aximum, who built the original specialist HyperLine™ vehicle.

Justly proud of his son’s success this year’s achievements also included rating as one of the top racers within the Benelux competition stakes coming 12th out of a total of 110 drivers. A truly exceptional performance by a young and skilled sportsman, demonstrating commitment, motivation and determination.

Mechanical expertise is often overlooked as a specialism but the skilled technicians at Aximum are at the top of their craft, able to translate practical problems into working solutions and still maintain our vehicles today. Working with our outline specifications, they modified and adapted the HyperLine™ truck removing repetitive tasks that cause fatigue and injury such as lifting and loading which has eliminated back injuries. As new technology is developed they integrate it onto the plant continually enhancing performance.

Honing in on speed, it is true that our vehicle isn’t aero-dynamically refined, however the specifically selected tanks have the capacity to undertake 40,000 lm of lane lines in one shift without having to stop and refill. Our multiple paint and bead guns are protected by side-impact bars and precisely re-mark the network. This all translates into maximising outputs, ensuring minimal time working in live traffic conditions whilst keeping our operators safe within the vehicle.

QMS and these specialist engineers have worked together since before François Xavier was born. We are really delighted to be part of his team continuing our support for this incredible young driver for the 2022 season.

Onwards and upwards for more trophies next year with hopefully the opportunity to go and watch the excitement. Fingers crossed!

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