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How To Prove Line Marking Performance

Published - 24th Feb 2021
How To Prove Line Marking Performance

Our award winning QMS LifeLine™ tests the retro-reflectivity performance of road markings and road studs at traffic speed. The fully detailed network condition survey makes planning a strategic programme simple.

Intelligent asset maintenance means ensuring performance levels are maintained, aligning a programme of interventions when required. These are works are sequenced and co-ordinated to manage network occupancy and maintain availability.

During the hours of darkness, the retro-reflectivity of road markings is essential to enable the driver to follow highway geometry. The miniature glass spheres embedded within road markings return light from a vehicle’s headlights back to the driver and it is this feature which is particularly important during adverse wet weather or on unlit carriageways where visibility of the road is greatly reduced.

Increasing traffic volumes challenge the highways industry which needs to improve safety with continually reduced budgets. QMS HyperLine™ system has proven longevity performance for high speed networks and is one solution to achieving these demands.

Implementing QMS LifeLine™ within the heart of road marking maintenance scheme design and utilising our triple award winning QMS HyperLine™ systems improves investment and maintenance decision making enhanced cost efficiencies and massive CO₂ savings. Collaborating together we ensure fast, reliable journeys for customers on a well maintained and resilient network.  

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