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Keep on laying

Published - 18th Dec 2020
Keep on laying

Planning external works in the winter requires a huge amount of skill as operational demand can be thwarted by the temperamental British weather – AKA pouring rain.

Esther our Projects Manager received a last minute order to install high friction surfacing and adjusted the forward looks plan providing an experienced crew for the night shift. Praying to the weather gods has proved less reliable than hoped for, so the BBC have thoughtfully employed meteorological geniuses who beaver away updating local weather websites constantly and these form the basis for the highway maintenance weather risk assessment bible.

Around 3.30pm in the afternoon as daylight started to fade in a not very sunny Devon, she spotted a gap in the clouds and it was “Thunderbirds are GO” oh no typo “QMS-birds are GO” and not in Thunderbird 1 but in Frankie our HFS plant. Frankie has the tank capacity to lay 1,000m² of BBA HAPAS Type 1 approved High Friction Surfacing which means no time consuming opening small tins and mixing for the crew on site. The cold-applied MMA surfacing is sucked out of 300kg drums lined with a thin layer therefore protecting the environment as the non-contaminated drums go straight to metal waste.

Establishment on site started at 20.36, Site Briefing and Dynamic Risk Assessments completed, the outlook looked – well shall we say damp, very damp. In fact all weather apps predicted a deluge starting at 11.45pm. Hum, generally not great for laying anti-skid, however QMS HyperGrip™ has an extended installation temperature window which means we can complete sites when other materials would fail – plus we have some awesome kit. Check out our latest surface dryer with it’s outstanding light ensuring the working area is as close to daylight as possible!

Training combined with the COMMITMENT, MOTIVATION and DETERMINATION it takes to ACHIEVE SUCCESS raise the QMS crews above the rest.

The threat of rain doesn’t stop our guys from working. Forming a production line convoy system they divided the site into sections, first drying and warming the surface, then laying QMS HyperGrip™ and broadcasting aggregate on top. The whole site cured in under 60 minutes so Lizzy the sweeper was driven across removing excess stone.

Bang on the forecasted time - the heavens opened and the rain came down. “Raining Cats and Dogs” was not an overstatement but our top crew had  completed 350m² in those 3 hours. Fantastic achievement.

So it was back to the depot. We thought we would show you how much water came pouring out of Lizzy …. So it took a few days until the aggregate could be dried but most importantly it didn’t get wasted by going to landfill.

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