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Podium position for Francois-Xavier

Published - 20th Aug 2021
Podium position for Francois-Xavier

Feeling the need to speed and racing to success François-Xavier has finished the French Karting Championships in a fantastic 3rd position earning him a place on the podium.

Dad Franck leads the Aximum engineering team who designed, built and maintain the QMS HyperLine™ and QMS HyperGrip™ installation vehicles and who we’ve worked with from before François-Xavier was even born. His expertise and knowledge created the super kart design which has brought this outstanding victory out of 111 competitors.

Karting was how Louis Hamilton got into motorsports. There are only a few more races between the Benelux countries to go before the end of the season so tension is running high. Who knows how François-Xavier’s career will progress? Whatever happens we’re proud to have backed a real winner.

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