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QMS LifeLine™ up for another award

Published - 20th Jan 2021
QMS LifeLine™ up for another award

QMS LifeLine™ retro-reflectivity service is up for another award as we have reached the Finalist stage of the Highways Awards 2020.

The innovative vehicle mounting system comes straight from Hollywood's finest movie makers guaranteeing no vibration or disturbance to surveying. Whilst the powerful computing technology could go much faster, there's no adrenaline pumping though – our maximum top speed is 70mph, maintaining traffic flow & all strictly within legal limits. 

A rigid "bull-bar" type front-mounted system can cause fatal injury to pedestrians and cyclists even at low speeds as it transmits the full force of impact. They also impede the effectiveness of crumple zones to set off airbags potentially threatening driver and passenger safety inside the vehicle.

QMS LifeLine™ auto-positioning adjusts automatically to changes in road height (potholes or speed bumps) for continuous measurement scanning the road surface >400 times per second. Whilst surveying the equipment does not have to travel directly on top of the marking, the driving position is within the traffic lane just like any other vehicle. Clever, very, very clever! 

There’s no limit to attendees come and join in to see the winners on 28th January 2021 at 4pm. Let’s celebrate our industry!


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