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QMS putting the environment first

Published - 13th Aug 2021
QMS putting the environment first

We are seeing so many effects of climate change on our weather patterns and the time to change is now which is PRECISELY what QMS is doing.

Burning red diesel to melt thermoplastic material or run generators results in each vehicle / piece of plant creating 9.3 times more CO2e than if we swap to hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) fuel.

Implementing this change has an increased cost of around 18%. We firmly believe that the environmental benefits far out-way the financial burden.

QMS are demonstrating that as a business we are on the on the road to being carbon neutral and have converted all machinery to HVO.

By no longer using red diesel we are reducing our CO2e output on the vehicles & plant by a whopping 89.25% every year!


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