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We're Finalists - Come Celebrate

Published - 13th Jan 2021
We're Finalists - Come Celebrate

Hurrah! QMS excels again. We really do like to innovate and lead in asset maintenance and are delighted to achieve the status of Finalists in the Highways Awards 2020. Join in and see if we WIN!


QMS has focused on driving the end-to-end environmental cost of road maintenance down for nearly two decades utilising technology and high performance products with excellent longevity to enhance safety for all road-users.

On the Darrington to Dishforth DBFO network, a partnership of client, maintenance provider and supply chain worked as a team first assessing the retro-reflectivity performance by testing with QMS LifeLine™ survey. Analysis of this data identified the most suitable, environmentally friendly, high performance products for the location and timing of intervention levels. Enhancing safety in a cost driven environment is achieved by effective programming of best solution interventions to ensure compliance with newly increased standards.

Accurate surveys drive intelligent asset management and collaboration created a united workflow. Line marking wear is not linear across the road surface, so an outcome based approach using technology to measure network condition ensures data driven maintenance routines, eliminating waste processes to ensure performance and meet progressive enhancements in safety.

The selection of QMS HyperLine™ ULTRA line marking system was made to guide traffic flow along the highway with durable bright, white lines. HyperLine™ ULTRA  has multiple sustainability benefits during production, installation and lifetime as opposed to conventional line marking products. The line marking paint is an acrylic resin containing neither solvents, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or lead chromates.

Tarmac reduced the CO₂ pollution of highways maintenance by 9,080kg in comparison to traditional materials which is an excellent achievement on their road to net zero.

The primary objectives of the A1 Darrington to Dishforth DBFO project team are to provide a safe network for users, to minimise disruption from maintenance operations and to be cost-efficient. QMS has assisted in achieving these objectives through the implementation of the high quality QMS HyperLineULTRA road marking product to a programme based on high technology and visually detailed surveys. The comprehensive service, including provision of mobile traffic management, enables the road markings to comply cost-efficiently with Highways England’s standards. QMS’s collaborative approach with RMS, Tarmac and AECOM has led to the establishment of a long-term relationship.

Graham Maw, Technical Director, Highways, UK & Ireland

Let’s celebrate our sector and the key role that it plays, not just during this very difficult period with the pandemic, but throughout every year!

Book your virtual seats here https://highways-virtual-awards-2020.heysummit.com/  and get dressed up, joining us all at the online ceremony Thursday 28th January at 4 pm.



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