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Who would have guessed ...???

Published - 1st Oct 2021
Who would have guessed ...???

We want to let you all know a bit more about QMS – not what we do but our most important asset – our people. So we thought we’d have a little fun, ask around a little then put it out there.

We work nationwide but are actually based in Devon. Maybe unsurprisingly, the favourite tipple as voted for by over half of the company was CIDER. Different brands, different flavours, with/without ice but CIDER – it was the largest common denominator by far and crisps are the naughty go-to food.

Anybody who has ever met Greg will have heard about his obsession with heavy metal music (some of us patient ones will have oohed and ahhed and said  “Interesting” and “Wow” and “Great” a LOT when we hear about album covers/best track/best vinyl/best concert/new releases) but who would have guessed that he employs a large number of ABBA fans? Maybe we should suggest going to see the Avatar tour for our next team building activity? Likelihood of success – low.

What insect or creature do we find most revolting? Wasps score highly here, as do spiders. Quite a few of us find snakes stomach churning but what is a scolopendra? I Googled it – yep make your skin crawl. Utterly disgusting!

Driving is a key skill so favourite vehicle within our fleet was going to get quite a few answers with Penny coming out top. We love our Welfare Vehicle! She is treated with huge respect and kept pristine by all users. The advantage of being able to make a cuppa, warm up food, rest up before a job or when rain hits – great addition and well done to Victor, Contract Manager (Surface Treatments) who spotted it was for sale and took Greg to view it.

The coldest place we’ve been to was in Poland at a finger-numbing -39⁰C which is common over there (brrrr) however a number of us also mentioned the freezer sections of regional distribution centres when we install Rapidshield – only possible because it cures thanks to UV light.

Top holiday tip  - a variety here as we like getting away especially to hotter climes with good company, forgetting about work and switching off to enjoy ourselves that’s vital but with a general theme; take care of your skin by always remembering sun cream. Cancer kills! Oh yeah and the other precaution – Marmite. Eat lashings on toast to stay mozzie free. LOVE IT / HATE IT!

So that’s a brief round-up. Keep reading. More to come.

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