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QMS HyperLine™ - Highway Marking Rejuvenation System

An award winning, high performance highway marking rejuvenation system.

QMS HyperLine™ the UK's No1 Solvent Free Acrylic highway marking rejuvenation system - award winning, innovative, high performance, cost saving and environmentally friendly. Suitable for Edge Lines, Centre Lines, Hatching & Chevrons. This pioneering technique has been revolutionising road markings throughout the United Kingdom since 2006.

QMS HyperLine™ is a combination of a cold, spray applied Solvent Free Acrylic Resin and two sizes of Recycled Glass Beads, producing a road marking that is environmentally sustainable with high levels of performance and productivity.

Traffic Management is greatly reduced as the outputs can be as much as 275% greater than conventional line marking systems. This together with over a 200% increase in performance and very low Co2 emissions, QMS HyperLine™ is an environmentally sustainable, high performance road marking system.

With high emphasis on environmental sustainability, we have calculated the Co2 emissions of our QMS HyperLine™ system achieving a staggering 80% saving on Co2 emissions compared to sprayed Thermoplastic Markings.

In the six months following the installation of QMS HyperLine™ on the M3 Motorway, where 247,000 metres was installed over a 17-night period, serious road traffic incidents were significantly reduced and there were no fatalities along the same section of the Motorway, thus providing 100% saving in fatalities and 54% saving in serious incidents.

Due to the way our material is manufactured and the high speed of application, QMS HyperLine™ can provide up to 80% total cost saving.

QMS HyperLine™ - Highway markings that do not cost the Earth!

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  • The No1 Solvent Free Acrylic highway marking system with zero VOCs
  • 100% Plastic Free
  • Award winning technology
  • Huge savings in traffic management costs up to 80%
  • 80% savings in Co2 emissions*
  • Total cost saving of up to 80%*
  • Cold applied system eliminating burns from hot materials
  • Superb performance - In excess of 200mcd after 24 months
  • Proven reliability in performance and durability - Zero failure in the past 8 years

* Compared to sprayed thermoplastic markings

QMS HyperLine™ Brochure

Case Studies

Application and performance of HyperLine™ on the A50 dual carriageway
Application and performance of HyperLine™ on the A50 dual carriageway
QMS HyperLine™ ULTRA - A38 Highways England Area 1
QMS HyperLine™ ULTRA - A38 Highways England Area 1
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