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QMS LifeLine™

Intelligent Asset Management: QMS LifeLine provides accurate retro-reflectivity performance data for line marking and road studs.

Insightful condition status reporting enhanced with simultaneous video enables highways engineers to analyse and monitor wear of their network.

Evidence based rejuvenation and replacement programmes ensure that regulatory and contractual standards are adhered to, maximising return from investment in timely maintenance and reducing waste.

All road markings and studs along main sections / slip roads are assessed in accordance with Design Manual for Roads and Bridges, CS 126 and BSEN:ISO 1436.

Requiring no traffic management, QMS LifeLine™ vehicle mounted technology travels at traffic speeds scanning >400/second, accurately measuring visibility, retro-reflectivity levels and, with user intervention, details the condition of road markings and symbols to assist planning future maintenance plus counting and categorizing road studs.

Multiple viewing user-friendly formats available for easy interrogation including colour coded numerical data files and Google Earth maps.

Facilitates development of location specific works packages empowering road management teams to select higher-performing, longer lasting materials resulting in fewer interventions.

QMS LifeLine™ strategies expose workforce to less risk working in live traffic conditions producing greater efficiencies whilst enhancing driver safety and preparing for autonomous vehicles.

  • Measures performance of line markings & road studs
  • Reflectivity & condition survey
  • Categorises & counts road studs
  • CS 126 compliant
  • 400 scans per second
  • No traffic management required
  • Suitable for all networks – motorways, dual carriageways & county roads
  • Data presented in multiple user-friendly, colour-coded formats
       - Google Maps
       - Spreadsheet view
       - Report
  • Full video recording
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