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QMS LifeLine™ - A Risk Managed Road Marking Maintenance Solution

Take a proactive approach to maintaining your highway network with a unique client-focused, risk-managed road marking maintenance package from QMS.

QMS LifeLine™ is a unique service offered to customers by QMS to fully manage and maintain the road markings on their network to ensure compliance with their contract specification.

Following an initial performance condition survey, the rejuvenation of road markings are strategically planned to ensure the network is fully compliant to the standard within an agreed timescale. Thereafter the road markings are maintained to the end of the contract period to ensure compliance with the contract specification requirement at all times.

Each year a performance condition survey is undertaken to confirm compliance with the standard of road markings completed over the previous twenty-four months. In addition, the performance condition survey would detail where the network road markings are likely to fall below the minimum standard in the coming months. This would form the basis of future planned maintenance to ensure that the network road markings do not fall below the minimum standard at any time.

QMS HyperLine™ is a fast application Line Marking Rejuvenation System providing exceptionally high levels of retro-reflectivity. The proven track record of QMS HyperLine™ ensures that road markings remain 100% compliant to the retro-reflectivity standard of the contract.

  • A fully managed road marking maintenance package
  • Guaranteed full compliance to specification
  • Full initial and annual retro-reflectivity condition survey
  • Fully detailed report and action plan for planned maintenance to ensure minimum standard is maintained
  • Utilising a combination of approved materials including Thermoplastic, Methyl Methacrylate and our award winning QMS HyperLine rejuvenation system
  • Fixed sum priced contract with either monthly, quarterly or annual payments
  • Optional items - Traffic management, carriageway pre-sweeping, road stud replacement and enhanced wet-night reflectivity
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