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RapidShield™ Instant Cure Internal Markings

RapidShield™ offers an advanced approach to internal surface protection, delineation and maintenance.

QMS is an approved installer of Quaker RapidShield™, a revolutionary line marking system that has been designed specifically for use within industrial warehouses and distribution centres where durability and minimal downtime is the highest demand.

The RapidShield™ system consists of a resin film that is cured instantly when exposed to a high intensity ultra violet (UV) light. The burst of UV rays fully cures the resin meaning that the coated surface can be opened for re-use within minutes; reducing downtime, minimising the impact to daily business functions and annual maintenance costs.

The  Quaker RapidShield™ system can be applied in working cold rooms and freezers down to temperatures as low as -26°c and offers the same fantastic benefits, including up to a 5 year guarantee.

RapidShield™ AfterGlow - Glow-in-the-dark Safety Enhancement

To add further safety benefits, AfterGlow can be added to the safety walkway to deliver 45 minutes of glow-time in the event of a power-failure or emergency escape. This system, which is unique to QMS can provide the added peace of mind that colleagues and visitors could safely navigate themselves to an emergency exit whilst in total darkness.

  • Long lasting finish
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Application in working freezers down to -26°C
  • Reduces floor maintenance costs year-on-year
  • Available in any colour
  • Up to five year guarantee
  • No solvents, isocyanates, odour or VOC's
  • Fast installation & drastically reduced downtime.

Case Studies

Lidl Exeter Regional Distribution Centre
Lidl Exeter Regional Distribution Centre
QMS RapidShield™ Internal Warehouse Line Marking
QMS RapidShield™ Internal Warehouse Line Marking
RapidShield Glow

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RapidShield RapidShield
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