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QMS DecoSurf – Decorative Resin Surfacing

QMS is able to provide a wide range of decorative surface treatments for driveways, footpaths, recreational areas and traffic calming.

Our range includes, Resin Bound and Bonded Surfacing, Rubber Wet Pour Safety Surfacing and QMS StreetPave.

Resin Bonded Surfacing

Installed to a new or existing bituminous or concrete surface to aesthetically improve the appearance and provide a hard wearing surface. Similar to Anti-Skid surfacing it is a thin veneer type surfacing, installed at around 5mm thickness, the need to raise drain covers and other ironwork is eliminated. Using a multitude of aggregate sizes and colours we are able to provide a surface treatment to suit any surroundings. The broadcasted aggregate adheres to the resin providing a coarse textured finish giving the appearance of loose gravel.

Resin Bound Surfacing

Installed to new or existing bituminous or concrete surface between 12 and 20mm thickness (depending on location), it is similar in application to mortar screeds. The chosen aggregate is mixed with the specially formulated clear resin to provide a surface that is extremely durable with a smooth finish. The clear resin technology allows the beauty of the aggregate to show through and can be provided in a variety of stunning aggregate types and colours. The finished surface has the added advantage of being porous, therefore allowing rain and surface water to penetrate and drain naturally without puddle formation. Being Permeable it is SUD (Sustainable Urban Drainage) compliant.

Wet Pour Safety Surfacing

Installed on top of hardcore or existing bituminous surfaces in a variety of organic pigment colours using rubber granules and resin mixed together to provide a permeable safety surface, perfect for play areas whether in schools, parks or back gardens. The surface is an ideal way to make hard surfaces safer, giving a cushioned surface for general play, bikes and ball games.

Resin Bound Rubber Bark

Installation is similar to Wet Pour Safety Surfacing but laid with a minimum thickness of 50mm and utilising a shredded Rubber Bark/Mulch. It is an ideal alternative to chipped bark giving the same natural look and feel, with the added advantage the material does not move or blow around. This system is also available in a range of Organic Pigment Colours. Used very successfully for landscaping effect and as a replacement for loose bark in tree-pits.

QMS StreetPave

With the appearance of Cobbles, Block Paving or Granite Sets, QMS StreetPave offers a maintenance free solution to these aesthetically desirable surfacing systems. Installed to a new or existing bituminous or concrete surface, each individual tile is glued in place using MMA Cold Plastic providing a secure and lasting bond with a seamless finish to the completed area.

  • Resin Bound and Bonded options
  • Resin Bound - SUD (permeable) compliant with trowelled smooth finish
  • Resin Bonded – Non-Porous textured paving
  • Low maintenance, hard wearing and high quality UV stable resins
  • Designs and logos can be created
  • Huge range of natural and UV stable pigmented aggregates available
  • Tree pit resin bound surfacing
  • Can be installed to new or existing tarmac, concrete or timber surfaces

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